Specialized Carriers and Rigging Operations

Marquis Transportation understands the risks inherent in carrier and rigger operations and maintains strong relationships with leading Carrier and Rigger Insurance underwriters. This expertise and market access enables Marquis to negotiate better insurance pricing and financing arrangements with broader coverage terms.

The Marquis Transportation team recognizes the unique insurance and risk management issues facing carrier and rigger operators today. Whether you are hauling gas pipe modules from Texas to New Jersey or rigging two feedwater heaters in a coal fired plant in Pennsylvania, the safety of your employees, the public, and the equipment in your care are always your biggest concern. When the phone rings alerting you to an event, you need more than a good broker – you need a risk management partner to assist you in real-time crisis management support. That’s why we have developed a 24-Hour Crisis Hotline staffed by our experienced team. We will help you talk to the media, make sure you have taken the proper steps to control the emergency situation, and if necessary, be at your office within hours.

Specialized Carriers